Benefits of stem cells in menstrual blood over embryonic stem cells

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Stem cells are the cells that have the capability to divide rapidly and generate into several other cell types. These can be heart, liver, blood cells and many others forming an organ to cure some severe diseases. These have been harvested from the adult tissue or human embryo from a long time. However, the use of embryo stem cells has been an issue of great controversy. Many politicians claim that the stem cell technology involves usage of embryonic stem cells which is not ethical. Scientists on the other hand say that the embryo used for research is donated by couples with their own consent. To solve this dispute, scientists are making efforts to find other sources for the extraction of stem cells

Following this, the scientists stepped into the research that stem cells found in menstrual blood storage possess the same functions and effectiveness as that possessed by the embryonic stem cells. This has appeared to be a good alternative for hESCs. The study conducted by team of doctors that is headed by Dr. Hinduja proved that menstrual blood is rich source of stem cells with the property of differentiation as that of embryonic stem cells. These findings thus have provided a huge relief to the scientists all around the world due to ban on the embryonic stem cells study.

The embryonic cells are collected from the embryo that is four to six days old while menstrual cells are extracted from a woman from the day of beginning of menstrual cycle. Another interesting fact is that the cells can be collected for more than thirty years. The assumption of the study is that a new line of endometrium which is the lining of uterus is formed at the time of menstrual period. So, they form new cells every month and thus there are huge chances of the presence of the stem cells. The menstrual blood stem cells can turn into different tissues such as lung, bone, brain, liver, pancreas, blood vessels and heart at a rapid rate.

The uses of adult stem cells were recommended earlier but it was found that the adult stem cells are not capable to grow in a rapid number like embryonic cells. Later on when there started growing many controversies for usage of embryonic cells, menstrual blood stem cells gave a new hope to scientists for carrying further research. The collection of menstrual blood is an easy process. The method is hassle free and painless. A kit is available that is provided by leading organizations devoted in this field. The usage does not require any technical knowledge.

There are further being made much advancement to find out some benefits of stem cells in menstrual blood.  Several new devices are being discovered in this field today. One device named Mademoicell is the combination of condom and tampon. The device is actually a thick and artsy condom that is inserted to absorb menstrual blood. The blood is then collected to extract the stem cells that keep the capability to grow into tissue and cure many severe diseases. This study is also an answer to those who have been raising questions on the use of human embryonic stem cells.

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Benefits of stem cells in menstrual blood over embryonic stem cells

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Benefits of stem cells in menstrual blood over embryonic stem cells

This article was published on 2011/08/30