Cell Number Trace - The Best Method to Find a Name From a Cell Number!

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If you ever wanted to trace a cell phone number, you would have gone to Google (or Yahoo) and typed in something like 'Reverse Cell Phone Lookup" and you would be flooded with websites that say they specialize in reverse looking up of cell numbers.

Why so many services? Ever wondered why so many so called 'services'? There is a simple answer! Where there is demand, there is supply! It's really as simple as that. Did you know that there are at least another million people like you who come to Google to search for information on how to trace a mobile number every month? That's like 40,000 people everyday! Now you know why there are such a lot of companies offering this service and are trying to make a buck doing so!

Can't you use the white pages? Not for cell numbers. The simple reason is that cellular numbers are considered 'private' and therefore not listed on any of the free public phone books. This is why you don't get a Verizon phone book delivered to your doorstep every year! This is also why you don't get a bunch of telemarketers calling you on your cell to bother you! It's the law!

So what's the BEST method to find a name from a Cellular number? Online reverse phone directories specifically made for wireless numbers. These are privately owned databases that have to be constantly updated and maintained with much pain! I obviously don't intend to say that service 'X' is better than service 'Y'. But here's what you should look for in a good (Best) online database

  • Does it have at least 90% of the wireless numbers in the USA? If so, it should have at least 200 million numbers (some services have as much as 253 million numbers -hint!)
  • Does it update itself frequently enough so that it includes all the newly subscribed numbers as well as all the changes people make in their cell numbers? (some services update its database every 15 minutes -hint!)
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Cell Number Trace - The Best Method to Find a Name From a Cell Number!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30