How to Search Cell Numbers Free?

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Most people are not aware that you are able to search for a cell phone number to find out information about the owner. From a single cell number you are able to find out the owner's full name, their current address, the relatives, address history and even who their neighbors are!

This information is not publicly listed as it was thought that it would be used for telemarketing purposes (it now illegal for marketers to search cell numbers and names to call you without your permission). This information is also not listed publicly for confidentiality reasons - as you wouldn't want just anyone to have access to your own details would you?

'Are there any free ways I can find a cell number' I hear you ask?

The answer to this question is yes, but unfortunately the sites that provide such services often offer very few details such as maybe only the state in which the number is listed of maybe even the carrier. Usually not any information which would be useful for tracking down a lost friend or a suspicious number on your partners phone.

So what are your options when you are looking to search cell numbers legally to get the answers you are looking for?

Although cell numbers are not in any phone books or public records, the phone companies keep a record of all these details in their internal databases. These are not open to the public unfortunately, however there are companies which purchase access to these internal files and allow you to search a manually complied database of all cell phone numbers.

As these huge cell number databases have to be complied manually requiring a lot of work no company can afford to offer the information for free, there is usually either a one off fee if you are looking to search one cell number, or you have another option to opt for a nominal annual fee allowing you to perform an unlimited amount of searches.

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How to Search Cell Numbers Free?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01