Some Tips To Excel Consultants While Working With Columns And Rows

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Excel, is widely used by excel programmers to prepare spreadsheets, as they have columns and rows, which helps in entering data easily. Here are few tips that will help you while you prepare worksheet in excel and also make you spreadsheet look sophisticated.

1. You should always modify the width and the height of the rows, to make your work easy while working with data on spreadsheet.  This can be done easily by just dragging the border of the column or row, to the desired position required.  When you increase the height of row and the width of the column, you get enough space to put data, without making error. It also helps excel consultants, while selecting a particular column. The same technique can also be used for many rows and columns. Here you fist need to select all the rows and columns that needs to be changes and then drag the border of one of the selected rows to the required position and release.
2. Rows and columns can also be inserted in the worksheet to provide excel consultants some extra room while working with data. This can be done by clicking the home tab and then in the cells group select the insert sheet rows option. You can insert columns in the same manner as done while inserting rows; here you just need to choose insert sheet column option instead of insert rows. Remember that you will find a list of choice when you click on the insert option. You must read the options carefully and apply the one that you need.
3. Excel experts can also temporarily hide a number of rows; this technique of hiding becomes necessary when there is a huge volume of data. To hide the rows you first need to select the rows and columns that you want to hide, then on the home tab, in the cell group, you need to click on the format button. After clicking the format button you will find a lot of option, from where you need to select hide rows or hide column, according to the requirement. After finishing the job if you want the data to be displayed, then you again have to go to the format option in the cell group, on the home tab and select unhide row or column option.
4. Excel experts can insert and delete cells depending on their requirement. To insert cell you first need to click on the position where you want to insert it, and then in the cell group of the home tab select insert cell option and click ok. You can delete the cell in the same manner by just selecting the delete button from the cell group and click ok.

You can also move data with cell to another worksheet, this can be done by moving the mouse pointer to the selection border and when the mouse pointer changes into four-way arrow, you need to drag the selected cell to the desired position. All the tips will not only make your job simple, but they will also save a lot of your precious time.

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Some Tips To Excel Consultants While Working With Columns And Rows

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This article was published on 2011/05/12