Trace Cell Number - What's the Best Solution?

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First there were cell phones. They were extremely useful. Because they were considered 'personal' unlike land phone numbers which were considered 'public domain', cell numbers were 'unlisted'. In other words, they were not published on public phone books. People took advantage of this and some people started made use of the fact that cell numbers were 'unlisted'.

You could basically call anybody with a cell phone and you can't be traced because there are no publicly accessible phone books for wireless numbers. This is why tracing cell phone numbers is always complicated.

But you can do it, and people do it all the time for various reasons. The main reasons are:

  • To spy on cheating spouses - you can find out the exact name (and other details) about the people he/she is talking with on her cellular phone
  • To catch prank callers - they usually use a cell number, because they know it's difficult to trace mobile numbers
  • To check on who their teenage children are talking to

What are your options? What's the Best solution?
  1. Five-Six years ago, you didn't have many options. The only option was to go to a private detective that would have charged as much as $200 per number. They also took days or even weeks to get back to you. But this is not your best bet today, in 2009.
  2. The best solution by far is to stick with a reliable online database. They're the best way to trace any cell number because:
    • It only takes a couple of minutes
    • It's 100% confidential - not even a private detective has to find out that you're tracing cell numbers
    • You can lookup as many numbers as you want
    • The best databases guarantee the accuracy of their data
    • In addition to the Name and Address, you can also find out the Age, Previous Addresses, Average Income and Home Value, Relatives etc. also for the phone owner
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Trace Cell Number - What's the Best Solution?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02